The Toluna QuickSurveys help section provides you with basic guidance on how to effectively use our product.  Within this section you will find information on products and pricing, using Toluna QuickSurveys and FAQs.  If you need further support please contact us.


Q: How do I retrieve my password?
A: If you mis-type your password, you'll arrive at Sign In, where you can click the Forgotten your password link.

Q: Can I target specific demographic groups when launching my survey to the Toluna Community?
A: Yes. Standard and non-standard targeting are both available. 
With standard targeting, you can choose 1 or 2 demographic categories from those in the standard set - up to 11 are usually listed. Only those who meet your demographic requirements will then see your survey. 
Or choose non-standard targeting to reach people based on a category not listed in the standard set.  You can then set screening questions at the start of your survey to filter out unwanted respondents.

Q: How many questions, answers and respondents does Toluna QuickSurveys support?
A: Launch a survey to the Toluna community and the limit is 15 questions.
Launch a survey to your own contacts and you can ask any number of questions, but please note they must fit into the 20 pages allocated to each survey. 

Q: Can I exclude respondents from earlier surveys?
A: Yes.

Q: What are filters and when should they be used?
A: There are 3 uses for filters:
to set targeting not covered in the standard set to route respondents to certain questions or pages in your survey to terminate respondents after specific answers.

Q: Can I question my own groups of people as well as those in the Toluna community?
A: Yes - and you'll be charged only for Toluna respondents.

Q: How do I get my survey results?
A: Sign-in to your account, click the on the Reports icon, and select the relevant survey to review the results.  Analyse the results directly on the reports page or download them to Excel, PowerPoint or raw data file.  You can also share them through a web link.   

Q: How is VAT calculated?
A: New basic VAT rule for supplies of services in the EU:

On 1st January 2010 two new basic rules were introduced for the “place of supply of services”. The place of supply of services is important because it decides if VAT is chargeable and whether you need to register for VAT in another member state.

The new rules are:

1 - If the customer is outside the EU (for example the US), no VAT is charged.

2- Within the EU, if the customer is a business, the services are supplied in the country where the customer belongs. When dealing with a business in another EU member state Toluna will need to obtain the customer’s VAT number. The checkout process and account management pages provide fields to enter VAT numbers. Without a valid EU VAT number, the customer can only be considered as “not in business”. In this case, Toluna does not need to charge VAT. The customer accounts for VAT under what is called the “reverse charge".

3 - Within the EU, if the customer is not in business, the place of supply is where the supplier belongs. If the customer is not in business, normally a private individual, then the supplier must charge VAT of the supplier’s country. In our case, the services are provided by Toluna SAS, which is a company based in France. Therefore, the French VAT rate will apply.

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