More Data.
More Analysis.
For Free.
with QuickSurveys

More Data.
More Analysis.
For Free.
with QuickSurveys

  • Audio Quality 63%
  • Styling 81%
  • Color Options 52%
  • Price 37%

Get On-Demand
Consumer Insights
In Real Time
with QuickSurveys

  • Fuel Economy 83%
  • Style 95%
  • Customization 86%
  • Innovation 79%

Reach 6+ Million
Consumers, Get High
Quality Results
with QuickSurveys

  • Packaging 63%
  • Ingredients 81%
  • Advertising 52%
  • Branding 37%

Who said market research had to be so hard? Introducing PowerPosition – powerful insights made easy.

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QuickSurveys is a self-serve market research tool that delivers high-quality, actionable insights. Whether you want to poll your existing users or need to survey your untapped market, QuickSurveys can get you the answers you need in real-time, at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

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How to Use QuickSurveys:

Product Development

Need to test a new concept or product? Send a survey to our panel and find out whether your new idea will fly or die.

Customer Satisfaction

Want to get a temperature check on your customers? Poll them and find out how you’re doing and how you can make things even better.

Market Trends

Want to keep your finger on the pulse? Take advantage of our 6m+ global panel and discover what’s hot and what’s not.

Campaign Testing

Think you’ve got a great communications campaign? Find out whether your target audience agrees.