Overview of the Launch Page in QuickSurveys@1x
Overview of the Launch Page in QuickSurveys

After building your survey, it’s time to launch! Let’s go over your all your options you can find on the launch page.

You can edit the title of your survey here by clicking on “Edit”.  You will also get a quick overview of your questions, pages, category and filters here. 

launch page 1


Add respondents to your survey: Click on one of the options in this section to add respondents. (Check out our post on sending via email here, as well as the link/redirects option here)

launch page 2


Scheduling your survey: You can launch manually or set a time frame in this section. For more details, read this  post.

launch page 3


Targeting your audience: If you did not select the advanced targeting option and are using AskToluna, you can select up to 3 demographics in this section. A window like the one below will pop up. Simply click on each category and adjust however you need.

launch page 4

launch page 5


Limit the number of respondents:  Use this option if you would like to limit or increase the number of respondents that are allowed take your survey. This is most useful if you are sending out via email, social media, or via the link options. A box will pop up to give you the options below. If you are not using Toluna respondents, the default for this limit will be 100 so adjust accordingly.

launch page 8

Exclude previous survey participants: Do you want to run the same, or similar survey but want to make sure respondents from a previous survey are excluded? Click this option on the Launch page, and a window will pop-up with a list of all your surveys. Simply choose the survey(s) you want to exclude and you’re good to go.

launch page 9

Allow multiple responses per device: This feature allows multiple responses per device if you need people to take the survey more than once or if you plan to have respondents answer your survey on a shared device.  This window below will pop up to remind you that you may want to include this information in an introduction so that respondents can participate accordingly.

laucnh page 10

Upgrading your survey to include advanced reporting and analytics. Click here if you do not have a premium account, and would like access to reporting features such as the ability to create subpopulations, conduct significance testing, upload customized PPT templates for export, and more! For an overview of our analytics and reporting features, read this.


Craving more tips? We have comprehensive tutorials here.

Don’t have time to become a survey pro? Enlist ours.


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