1 organizing your survey
Organizing Your Survey

QuickSurveys makes it easy for you to organize your survey by editing, removing, randomizing and moving questions in the Build portion of the tool. This post will take you through step-by-step.

To edit your questionnaire within the Build portion of your survey. Simply click on “organize” on the top right of the tool

organize survey 1

In the Organize page you have several options:

On the top, you’ll see you are able to randomize all the pages, or all of the questions.

organize survey 2


You can also move pages or questions:

organize survey 3



To delete a page or question, click here

organize survey 4


To hide a question from this page view click the arrow button here

organize survey 5


If you want to show that question again, just click here

organize survey 6


To randomize questions on a page choose this icon

organize survey 7


To randomize the pages, click this icon

organize survey 8

To go back to your questionnaire in the build view, click build

organize survey 9



Craving more tips? We have comprehensive tutorials here.

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