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It’s here! The 2017 QuickSurveys Naughty or Nice List [ Infographic ]

Our 2017 Naughty or Nice study’s findings have just been released, and you may be surprised who’s on the list! Take a look below and see where you fall:

2017 Naughty or Nice

Mobile Monster

  • The Nice: When dining with family, 52% have a no cell phone policy, 48% do not
  • The Naughty: When dining with friends, only 42% have a no cell phone policy and 58% do not.

Social Media Scoundrels

  • 27% Blocked a friend on social media without their knowledge
  • 22% Blocked a family member on social media without their knowledge

Debbie Downer or Debbie Donator?

The Nice:

  • 23% donated time
  • 35% donated money
  • 21% donated time and money
  • 59% Committed an act of kindness (a.k.a paying it forward)
  • 54% Completed a favor for a friend or neighbor that was inconvenient
  • 30% Helped pay for someone’s groceries when they didn’t have enough money

During the holiday season:

The Nice:

  • 50% Donate clothing to the less fortunate
  • 19% Volunteer at homeless shelters
  • 18% Volunteer at animal shelters
  • 23% Participate in a giving tree
  • 20% Sponsor a family
  • 38% Purchase a toy for a less fortunate child

The Naughty

  • 21% have not donated to any non-profit organizations this year
  • 26% that found an item not belonging to them, kept the item
  • 19% that found an item not belonging to them took a few things and returned the rest
  • 58% are likely to re-gift an item they receive this year
  • 60% are likely to return a gift completely

 General Good Samaritans

  • 71% have invited someone over for the holidays if that person didn’t have plans
  • 67% have given their jacket to someone that was cold
  • 85% have dropped everything they were doing to help a family member or friend

Daunting Dating Stories

  • 21% Ghosted someone (The act of suddenly ceasing all communication with someone the subject is dating, but no longer wishes to date.)
  • 14% Flaked on a first date from an online dating match
  • 30% Looked on a significant other’s phone or social media page

General Naughty Behavior

  • 61% have faked sick to get out of something they didn’t feel like doing
  • 51% Lied to a current or past significant other about their whereabouts
  • 46% have cheated on an exam or test
  • 42% have thrown trash in the recycling bin


  • 35% Left car or house unlocked
  • 34% Told someone you missed them and would get together sometime, but never made the plans
  • 30% have considered cheating on taxes thinking the likeliness of the government noticing is slim
  • 25% Gossiped about close friends
  • 22% Went in express grocery lines with more than 10 items


  • 18% Spoiled a movie or tv/netflix series plot to someone
  • 17% Left a cell phone on in movie theater
  • 15% Bullied someone (on purpose or accidentally) this year
  • 15% Borrowed a book, never returned
  • 14% Told a child (on purpose or accidentally ) that Santa Claus isn’t real
  • 13% Stole clothes from a friend or family member (sister/mom)
  • 13% Lied on a resume or job interview

Political Pettiness

The Nice:

  • 52% did not react negatively to politics this year
  • 56% Remained kind to someone who has the opposite political opinion

The Naughty:

  • 22% Unfriended someone (online or in person) because of their political views
  • 24% Wrote something negative about an elected official
  • 28% Got into a heated argument about politics with someone


The Nice:

  • 52% Given them a reward for completing chores
  • 39% Given them a reward for doing homework

The Naughty:

  • 37% Bribed kids to get them to do something
  • 34% Used kids as an excuse to get out of something
  • 34% Given kids electronics (iPad/iPhone/tablet) to keep them quiet



To learn more about how Toluna QuickSurveys analyzes real-time data from each study, check out our blog on TolunaAnalytics and its functions.


This survey was run with Toluna QuickSurveys, the leading consumer digital insights platform. The data from this survey is based on 894 respondents, and Toluna’s proprietary weighting algorithm, SmartSelect was used for age, sex, race/ethnicity, education, region and household income to bring them into line with their actual proportions within the population. Toluna QuickSurveys can now guarantee a minimum of 1,000 nationally representative completed interviews – in no less than 21 countries – in 24 hours or less. See for yourself and sign up here!

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