Survey Templates in QuickSurveys
Survey Templates in QuickSurveys

Scripting surveys take time, effort, and brain power. Composing a survey questionnaire is important not only for the respondent experience, but also in order to produce the best data quality and insights.

That’s why we have over 50 survey templates that were composed by our project managers and survey questionnaire engineers ready to go for you! These templates are 100% customizable and cover a number of common survey topics.

Here’s a short list of popular survey templates:

  • Customer Satisfaction survey templates for products, services, jobs, websites, or retail stores
  • Academic/University survey templates for parent evaluation, university course evaluation, or overall education satisfaction
  • Events or Meetings survey templates for business and event RSVPs, company meeting evaluation, meeting planning, employee exit interview, and event timing
  • Human Resource survey templates including time cards, employee performance reivew for self-evaluation, andsupervisors, as well as address book updates, and lastly corporate training evaluations.
  • Market Research survey templates for political public opinion, restaurant feedback for quick services and fine dining experiences
  • Fun and general quizzes and survey templates including blind date, food, movie, or health


To access these templates, simply select Create Survey and select your audience. Our templates work for any audience! You’ll see we have organized our templates by category, based on standard surveys used by companies and brands throughout the industry.

survey templates 1

Next click on the word “Templates

survey templates 2

Once you click into a category, we give you more specific template details. For example, if you go into Customer Satisfaction > Product/Service, you’ll see that we show you the 7 questions.

survey templates 3


In addition, we offer templates in multiple languages, take a look at the drop down menu.

survey templates 4


Before you commit to the template, you can click on the preview button to see how it will look to the respondent.

survey templates 5


If you’re ready to commit, click on Use This Template, fill out any information required  like Survey Title and Company Name, and then continue onto Build Your Survey.

survey templates 6


At this stage, you can either launch the survey as is or use our customization elements to add/remove/change questions and answers. For example, you can upload your company logo and company colors to make the survey look native to your employees for an employee satisfaction questionnaire. 

survey templates 7


When you are satisfied with your questionnaire, click Save and then Preview the entire survey. If all is good, click on Launch!


Craving more tips? We have comprehensive tutorials here.

Don’t have time to become a survey pro? Enlist ours.

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