Pre-Launch Engagement 3
QuickCommunities Pre-Launch Engagement Part 3: Screener Questions

There are many ways you can engage members from the get-go, and part of that is in your setup. By reading Parts 12 and 3, you’ll have set up your QuickCommunity to maximize your engagement potential.

When a participant first enters a live event, it’s an entirely new concept to them. This is where you come in and make it feel like home. When on the Invite page of the Target portion of your QuickCommunity, you have the option to create Screener Questions which we highly recommend you use.

qc 1

The screener survey serves two purposes in QuickCommunities. First, it is an additional recruting tool to ensure you have the right participants, allowing you to ‘screen out’ anyone who does not fit the criteria you are looking for. Second, these questions offer a way to warm up participants before they enter the event.

Below are suggested flows for your screener survey that will help maximize engagement and orientation potential.

First, enter any screening questions you may have (as many as you want), meaning questions that are designed to terminate respondents you DO NOT wish to have in your community. Get these out of the way first so that only QUALIFIED respondents will be oriented and warmed up and excited to join your community. In this example community, we are talking about food and beverage, and only want those who actually shop for food in the house to be in the community. So I’m going to set up a screener question to screen out those who have not shopped for food or beverages in the past 2 months. If you do not have any actual screener questions that you would like to include (for example, if your QuickCommunity event is for the general population), skip this part and go onto the next suggestion.

qc 2

Now those who are qualified will go on to get the orientation portion. Next, we suggest you create the first page after your screener with Rich Text so that you can go over the general description of the community, incentives, expectations and more. If you don’t know the exact incentives, then just say something like “you’ll be granted a ton of points for participating” or something to this effect.

qc 3

Thirdly, we then recommend the next 1-3 pages to be general topic warm up questions. These questions are designed to create an environment where the participant thinks they are taking one of those fun online quizzes where you find out what vegetable you most identify with, because if the participant is having fun at this stage, they’ll have have even more fun and be more receptive to the live event. There are no wrong or right answers.  These WILL NOT SCREEN anyone out. BONUS: You get even more information and data from these questions that you can use in your analysis.

In this event about food and beverages, ask questions like these


On the absolute last page of your screener, add another Rich Text Element page that again reinstates the details of the event. Tell the participant exactly what will happen. Tell them how long the community will be, a general amount of topics, and if they need to come back. The more direct and clear, the better.

qc 6

Once you are finished with your questionnaire, click on the Preview button just to make sure everything looks okay. If it’s all set, then proceed to the next page so that you can approve and launch.


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