Consumer Insights on Self-Employment in the United States

The growth in technology allows many people to work from home and/or easily start a business. According to this study, over 15 million US people were self employed in 2015, or roughly 10.1%. The number most likely has increased between then and now, and we were curious to take a look inside the lives of the self-employed. Over 300 self-employed Americans completed the survey within a day, helping us to gather insights fast. Here are the results:

How Self-Employment works:

The top 3 types of self-employment are:

  1. 31% Independent business owner
  2. 23% Freelance
  3. 15% Independent contractor
  • 65% work in their home, while 10% rent a small office space, and 14% are digital nomads
  • 25% say they have friends that are also self-employed, 23% know immediate family and 21% have a spouse or significant other that is self-employed as well
  • 19% Worked a full-time job and a side gig until they quit my job to focus on their self-employment career
  • 26% Quit their job and started self-employment right away
  • 31% Found self-employment while unemployed already (complete survey)
  • For those who quit their jobs, or worked full time, it took 60% less than 1 year to become full time (40+ hours per week) with their self-employment career

The top 3 reasons why respondents chose self-employment were:

  1. 25% Wanted the freedom to set their own schedule
  2. 18% Wanted to do work they are passionate about
  3. 11% Did not want a boss

The top 5 advantages to self-employment according to respondents:

  1. 67% I am my own boss
  2. 62% I choose my own schedule
  3. 37% No dress code
  4. 36% Drama-free environment
  5. 35% I have my own work area

The top 5 disadvantages to self-employment according to respondents:

  1. 47% Unsteady pay
  2. 35% Paying own healthcare
  3. 29% Long hours
  4. 29% Financial responsibility for mistake
  5. 28% Competing with bigger, more established businesses

Effects on Lifestyle

  • 76% Agree that self-employment has improved their work/life balance
  • 66% Agree that self-employment improved family and friend relationships
  • 83% Agree that they are happier now that they work for themselves
  • 53% Agree that they are busier now that they work for themselves
  • 35% Work 31-40 hours a week, the majority work 31-50 hours per week
  • Most self-employed respondents claim to work Monday-Friday but 65% say they work Saturday and 41% say they work Sunday too.
  • 26% Miss social interactions with multiple levels of management/people

Side-gigs and Streams of Income:

  • 48% say they have 2 or more streams of income on top of their main self-employment gig
  • Out of those who have multiple streams of income, the most popular include direct selling and stocks


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