Defining Quotas and Determining Feasibility with QuickSurveys
Defining Quotas and Determining Feasbility with Advanced Targeting

Our advanced targeting options allow you to select from over 200 demographic and profiling criteria, making it easier for you to find that niche audience right in our wizard. You can access our advanced targeting options by selecting “AskToluna Pro” when choosing your audience.

Before you get to this stage of defining niche quotas, you might want to be familiar with the following. If you are advanced and know the QuickSurveys platform, then skip these steps.

Create Your Survey  | Survey Checklist  | Choose Your Audience  | Advanced Targeting Settings


The Target screen is where you will define your audience or “quotas.” On this page you will be prompted to complete quotas for each target range which may be done in one of three ways:


1. Input the number of respondents you want in each target range. Make sure the total across ranges equals your total targeted number of respondents.

2. Input the percentage of total respondents you would like for each target range. Make sure the total across ranges equals 100%.

3. Click on one of the text boxes to reveal a blue “Magic Wand.” Click on the wand to evenly distribute the total respondents into the target ranges.


After you define your quotas, click on Calculate to determine if the targets you have chosen are feasible.

Green bars indicate targets are feasible.


If any of your target ranges are not feasible, they will be highlighted in red and you will see the number of possible panel respondents for each. You will need to adjust or expand your target filters and ranges until you achieve a panel pool which is feasible.


Upon achieving feasibility (green bars) for all your target ranges, click Continue to finish building your survey questionnaire in QuickSurveys.


Craving more tips? We have comprehensive tutorials here.

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