Adding Operational Quotas in QuickSurveys
Adding Operational Quotas in QuickSurveys

Do you find yourself in a situation where you need to qualify a number or percentage of respondents who answer a question a certain way? For example: You are launching a survey about chips. One of the multiple choice questions asks about snack purchasing habits and you want to make sure there is a minimum 30% who choose “occasionally buy salty snacks” and a minimum of 30% that “always buy salty snacks.”

This is where operational quotas come in handy. You can set an operational quota in QuickSurveys from the Survey Logic Page.

Creating Operational Quotas

From the Build Page, click on Survey Logic


On the Survey Logic Page, click on “ADD NEW QUOTA


In the Edit Condition window, click on the Page and then on the question that you want to add a quota to and then click Next


Enter a Quota Name at the top and check off the “Use Percentage” Box if you want to set % quotas (leaving the box unchecked will allow you to set number of respondents rather than %)

Next to the answers, enter any quotas you are looking to set

Select the action you expect when a quota is full/not full

Click Next


Resulting page looks like below:




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