Consumer Insights on Travel & Hospitality

It’s vacation season, and that means many consumers are booking flights, accommodations, tours, and much much more. With the travel & hospitality industry on the rise, we wondered, what are the current consumer views on accommodations?

We asked. Here are the responses from over 800 US respondents:


  • 45% book accommodations BEFORE booking transportation
  • 28% of respondents book accommodations a few weeks before
  • almost 50% of respondents spend a few days browsing before booking an accommodation


  • 65% of people say the primary person who books accommodations is themselves
  • 33% say the average budget per night is $75-$124
  • 76% usually book with the same chain of hotels
  • 64% prefer to check into their accommodation digitally versus talking to a person at concierge

How booking works:

  • 30% say they look directly on the accommodation website whereas 27% look at discount sites
  • 56% use discount sites like hotels.com, Expedia to book versus 49% that use specific hotel points and rewards systems to book
  • 77% usually book based on online reviews
    • People rely on good reviews and best value most when looking for the right accommodation (both tied at 26%).
  • For reviews when booking an accommodation, the lowest they will go for their comfortability is 3/5. (42%).
  • 62% are more inclined to book an accommodation if it has eco-friendly practices
  • 72% are more inclined to book an accommodation if it has special offers on tours in that location or deals for restaurants

Types of accommodations:

  • Surprise surprise, the most popular accommodation type is a hotel (90%), with vacation rental next (50%) and then B&B’s (34%)
  • 48% are unwilling to try new hotels
  • 47% say they do not trust Airbnb

The top 3 features respondents looked for when choosing an accommodation were:

    • 71% locations
    • 69% price
    • 61% cleanliness
    • 53% free wifi
    • 47% amenities

The top 5 amenities respondents need when booking accommodations are:

  • 70% air conditioning
  • 59% free wireless, high-speed internet
  • 52% free parking
  • 52% breakfast included
  • 46% swimming pool

The top 3 unusual accommodations that respondents would stay in include:

  • 47% a houseboat
  • 45% overwater bungalow
  • 44% treehouse
  • 35% undersea lodging
  • 35% an ice hotel

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