Americans and Tick Prevention for Summer 2017

The tick population this year is an undeniable problem. Over half of Americans, 52% to be exact, say they need to worry about ticks in their region.  What position do US citizens take on this issue? What are their habits, rituals, and prevention tactics? How has the tick problem affected them in the past, and also how is it affecting their lives now?

We asked. Here are their responses:

Checking for ticks: 

  • Everyday 38% check for ticks every day, 21% check only after they go outside
  • Increasing 79% will increase the number of times they check due to the raised concern
  • July is rampant: 28% say they notice more ticks in the month of July
  • The cause: Most Americans believe that the growing tick population is due to mild winter (57%). 44% believe that it’s due to global climate change
  • This past week: 32% of Americans have found a tick within the past week of taking the survey. 44% were ages 18-34 and 43% live in the Northeast.
  • Tick-killing tricks: The go to tick-killing trick is flushing the tick down the toilet (35%). The second alternative is wrapping in tape (23%)

 Health concerns: 

  • Contracting diseases: 28% have contracted a disease from a tick bite, 38% have been bit, but contracted nothing, 34% have not been bitten by a tick
  • Affecting the social circle: 35% know a friend that has contracted a disease due to a tick bite


  • Exposure to Grass: 73% agree that they will limit their exposure to grassy or wooded areas this season
  • Vacation plans: 59% will take a summer vacation in a place where ticks are not a threat this year
  • Pets: 62% have tick prevention for their dog

The top 5 precautions Americans will take in the yard:

  • 57% mow the lawn frequently
  • 50% clear tall grasses and brush around homes and at the edge of lawns
  • 42% remove all leaf litter
  • 34% remove old furniture, mattresses or trash from the yard that may give ticks a place to hide
  • 33% discourage unwelcome animals (deer, raccoons, stray dogs) from entering the yard by constructing fences

The top 5 precautions Americans take for tick prevention for skin exposure:

  • 46% wear bug spray
  • 43% wear protective clothing/shoes outside
  • 43% have flea/tick collars for pets
  • 43% wear clothing that covers feet at all times
  • 37% spray clothes with DEET free insect repellent

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