Comprehensive Guide to Element Types
Comprehensive Guide to Element Types in QuickSurveys
In addition to question types,  the QuickSurveys tool offers elements such as video that add character and flow to your survey.

Below is a comprehensive list of all element types our platform offers:

Rich Text Element

rich text

The Rich Text element allows you to enter a message or text for the respondent to see. This is commonly used for relaying messages or additional information to respondents. An example of when you can use Rich Text is when you want to display a concept to your respondents. The Rich Text element can be the entire concept or appear before or after a concept. (Watch the how-to video here)

Rich text guidelines:

  • This text can be formatted using an accompanying toolbar
  • Answers cannot be given using this option

Image Element

This element allows for images to be displayed without being directly associated with a question and answer choices. Images may be uploaded or searched via Bing within the tool.  Each image must be 3mb, or 900 x 580px or less in order to be uploaded. (see above Olly example) (Watch the how-to video here)

Video Element


This element allows for videos to be displayed without being directly associated with a question and answer choices. Videos can be hosted on Vimeo or YouTube, or can also be hosted right on the QuickSurveys platform.  Each video must be 3GB or less in order to be uploaded. (Watch the how-to video here)


How to upload secure videos into the survey:

  1.  Through the Video Upload, click on Add Video.
  2.  Select if there should be a generic watermark with the video.  The watermark will display at the bottom right corner of the video in the live environment.
  3.  Browse for the Video located on your computer.  Be sure Pop-Ups are enabled for the account or else you will not be able to browse for the video. 

Video element guidelines:

  • The video title is automatically updated with the original video file name, but feel free to update as you please.
  • After uploading the video, you can preview the video by clicking on the play button.

Question Bank


By selecting the star above a question, you can save a question to your Question Bank to use at a later time. You may also remove questions from your Question Bank by unselecting the star.

How to add a question from the Question Bank to your survey:

  1.  Open the Question Bank by selecting its icon under Elements in the toolbar on the left of your survey Build screen. You can import questions from your question bank or from other surveys that have been created in your account.
  2.  Select the question(s) to add to your survey by selecting the box to the left of each question.
  3.  Select Import to add them to your survey.


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