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NEW feature added to QuickSurveys: Hide the Back Button and Survey Title

What are they?

The Hide Back Button option removes the ability for respondents to navigate backward to previous survey pages, prohibiting them from editing their responses.

The Hide Survey Title option will prohibit respondents from ever seeing the title of your survey.

Both features are free to use for all QuickSurveys users and can be found using the steps below!

Why do you need it?

Hiding the ‘Back’ button or Survey Title is another way to customize your survey to help reduce respondent bias throughout the survey experience. More specifically, hiding the ‘Back’ button enables the capture of the respondents’ initial reactions/responses, thereby reducing bias. The same goes for hiding a Survey Title; in some cases, if a respondent knows the title, they may then know the survey subject, and be more likely to select answers that advance them through the survey to receive the maximum incentive. (see the Benefits of a Generic Survey Title)

How do I access these features?

1. Log into your account, and select Create Survey in the top header.


2. Once on the Define page, click on Customize Survey:


3. You’ll then be able to see the options to Hide Back button and Hide Survey Title in the bottom right of the screen. Simply select the features you’d like to apply to your survey.


Ready to get started? Log in to your account now, or click here to create your free account!

Have more questions? Contact us at support@quicksurveys.com.




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