Launching with a  Nationally Representative  Sample
Simple Steps to Launching a Survey with Nationally Representative Sample


We have many options for launching your survey on QuickSurveys. In order to ensure your survey results are accurate and representative, you can set your survey to include a “nationally representative” sample.

Researchers typically ask for nationally representative sample when they would like respondents to reflect the entire population of the country in question. In such cases, demographics like male/female will reflect the national proportions.

Here are the steps to do it yourself in the QuickSurveys platform!


Login to your QuickSurveys account

Go to Launch page



Click the “Ask Toluna” button



Click the “ + “ sign until you achieve your desired total number of respondents then click “Add.”

Total number includes completes, quota full, and screen outs.


Click on “Target your Audience” Make sure targets have the following percentages


Target your survey to Gender, click update

  1. Male 49%
  2. Female 51%


Target your survey by Age, click update

  1. 18-34, 31%
  2. 35-54, 40%
  3. 55+ , 29%


nat rep age

Target your survey by Region, click update

  1. West, 23%
  2. Mid-West, 23%
  3. South, 35%
  4. Northeast, 19%


Click Close, then click Launch


Using the Toluna panel via QuickSurveys is especially valuable when you’re limited with time and budget, and you don’t have your own list of respondents. Give it a shot. There’s a reason so many QuickSurveys users use the Toluna panel, and it’s about time you found out firsthand. Get started today!


Toluna QuickSurveys is the leading consumer digital insights platform. Toluna QuickSurveys can now guarantee a minimum of 1,000 nationally representative completed interviews – in no less than 21 countries – in 24 hours or less.

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