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Tips for getting the most from your survey

Whether you’re looking to launch a QuickSurvey for concept testing, gut checks, or employee satisfaction, the goal of your survey is the same: to get insights. To get the most out of your respondents, you need to make the most out of your questionnaire, that’s why we’re here! We’ve created a list of tips and reminders to help you launch a successful survey:

  • Launching your survey to a foreign market? Don’t forget to translate your survey script and title to the target market’s native tongue.
  • Make sure the survey category reflects your survey title. You don’t want to launch a survey titled “Beverages” in the “Computing and internet” category, you’ll likely miss out on connecting with some of your target respondents.
  • If you’re looking to ask screener questions to qualify respondents for your survey, make sure they’re toward the beginning of your survey.
  • When choosing a question type, try to pick questions based on what type of data you’re looking to gather.
  • When creating a list of responses, make sure the “None” option is anchored to the bottom of the list and made exclusive.
  • Take your respondents into consideration! Instead of making them scroll through an entire page, try putting each question or element on it’s own page.
  • Unless your answer choices are in chronological order, make sure they’re set to randomize.
  • When launching your survey via the AskToluna option, your Limit to the number of respondents should always be equal to the amount of respondents you’re sending your survey to.
  • Do not set an end date on surveys you’re launching via AskToluna unless you want to make sure there is a hard stop to your survey regardless of any quotas.
  • PREVIEW, PREVIEW, PREVIEW! Make sure you preview your survey before you launch to avoid any grammatical errors, skip errors, etc. You’d be surprised what you might miss!

So the next time you’re looking to nail down the perfect client pitch, conduct a package test, or get the lowdown from your employees, remember to refer back to this list.

Now get going, launch your next QuickSurvey today!

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