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Creating a custom rating scale

QuickSurveys gives you nine pre-set scales to use in a Rating question. Sometimes these scales are perfectly suited for your question, but when they just don’t do the job, you also have the option of creating a custom scale.

Here are some tips to create a custom scale for your Rating question:

1. The first step is to determine what information you want to collect from your respondents. Is it their likelihood to do or choose something; how strong they feel about something; how intuitive something is/was?

2. Make sure the scale you’re using makes sense for each item being rated.

3. QuickSurveys suggests using a five-point scale for rating questions. Having five points allows you to account for two positive points and two negative points, with a neutral scale point in the middle. If you want more or less points than five, make sure there are an odd number of positive and negative values on either side of a neutral point. Although, suppose you want to force your respondents to select either a positive or negative answer; in this case the neutral (or middle rating) would be eliminated and your scale would have an even number of ratings.

4. Each data point should have a different scale value. Your scale’s most positive point should have a rating value of five (or the highest value in your scale) and your most negative point must have a rating of one.

5. When creating a custom scale, it might be helpful to use a pre-set QuickSurveys scale as a starting point and change the scale points as you see fit. For example, you may select the pre-set “Importance” scale, remove each mention of “Important” and replace is with something else more applicable to your question, such as “likely.”

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