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How to improve your survey’s appearance

Surveys aren’t just all about the data – its appearance matters too! Just ask your respondents. That’s why QuickSurveys allows you to customize your survey’s look in various ways, making it visually appealing and engaging for respondents.

We’ve collected some favorite ways to customize surveys from our QuickSurveys team to share with you:

Do your best to keep each question on its own page. It will look more organized to the respondents, and bonus: it allows for easy setup of filter logic and makes re-ordering your questions or pages easier.

Add an introduction page to your survey. It will introduce your survey to your respondents, perhaps stating your objective, introducing your brand, or any other information that would be beneficial for respondents to see. The introduction page is free to add to your survey and appears before the first page of your survey. Since it uses the same formatting as the Rich Text element, you can justify the alignment of your text, adjust the font, size and color of the text, and more!

Add Rich Text pages to your survey. This element can be added anywhere in your survey and is not associated with any choices, so you can use them to do things like introduce a new section of your survey to respondents. Just like an introduction page, content and appearance of these text pages can be tailored to fit your needs. They’re also not associated with any choice selections, so you can keep them separate from your questions.

Add images and/or videos to your survey. You can add them to go along with your question text, a Rich Text page, or stand alone as elements. Images and videos also boost respondent engagement in your survey, as it adds an interactive element to your survey.

Use our free Customize feature. This will allow you to add a logo or another image to be carried throughout your survey, change the survey skin color, adjust the different types of text throughout your survey, change the color of the progress bar, and more!

Ready to try these customization features out? Log in to your QuickSurveys account now, or Register for your free account today!

How do YOU like to customize your surveys? Tell us in the comments below!

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