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Writing an effective questionnaire

Drafting a survey script isn’t always easy, and sometimes you’re left wondering how effective your questionnaires really are. Here are some basic tips and tricks from Toluna’s Research Experts to help ensure the effectiveness of your questionnaires…

1. Ask one question at a time: A respondent has a difficult time answering two questions at a time. For example, if you were to ask the following question: “Do you like to eat pizza and drink soda?” The respondent may enjoy eating pizza but not drinking soda- they will be confused about how to answer this accurately and appropriately. In this case, it would be best to ask this question as two separate questions, “Do you like to eat pizza?” “Do you like to drink soda?”

2. Choose simple and familiar words: Try not to use complex words that have the potential to confuse respondents. Avoid using industry jargon or abbreviations. Instead, ask words that are likely to be understood by all respondents.

3. Each question should be as specific as possible: Stay away from abstract and ambiguous questions. For example, if you’re asking a respondent if they have done something “recently,” it is better to specify the time period. Instead of “recently” try using “in the last X months” “within the past week.”

4. Ensure answer options match the questions being asked: If you’re going to ask a respondent if they agree with something (yes/no), and then present a 5 point agreement scale, they may be confused because the question you asked is a yes/no. In this scenario, the question should be updated to ask how much the respondent agrees; now the question and answer options match.

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