TolunaTopics – Surprising insights about job satisfaction

Recently, Toluna ran a QuickSurvey™ asking 1000 US-based respondents about workplace satisfaction. Respondents working full time jobs were asked how long they intend to stay with their current company. A vast majority, 59%, said they intended to stay with their current company for 5 years or more.
Respondents were also asked why they were staying in their current job role. An astounding 44% stated the reason to be that they are satisfied with or love their current job.

Next, respondents were asked to comment on their perceived job security. 36% noted that they don’t perceive that their job security has changed in the last year; they feel no more or less secure than one year ago.

When asked what they would do “if (they) won a significant lottery prize and would have enough to do what (they) wanted”, surprisingly 33% answered that they would stay at their current job. At 27%, “Quit my job and retire” was a close second.

View the data of this survey here!

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