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Customer Testimonials:

The TolunaQuick survey went really well last night – we completed in about half an hour. The pitch team were so mesmerised at how the system works that I had a huddle of them round my desk at 9.30pm last night watching the results come in real-time. I just love it!

Kirsty Higgins
Head of Insight

Quick, cheap, visually impressive and highly credible. An almost addictive way of gaining up-to-the-minute insight or decision support.

Gary Hurry
Director of Marketing
ABN AMRO Commercial Finance PLC

We’re a full service market research firm who are always looking for new and innovative tools. We switched from Survey Monkey to TolunaQuick last year for our customer satisfaction work. It’s a flexible and easy-to-use tool – and what’s more it’s free to use! Love it!

Monika Svobodova
Senior Research Executive
Impact Research

I’m such a big advocate of Toluna that I think some people are beginning to suspect that I’m on their payroll. That’s not the case and my obsession with their service stems entirely from my love of their product, TolunaQuick.

Kelvin Newman
Creative Director
Site Visibility

Agency business is always fast moving, but developing an entire campaign strategy in one week with camera crews filming your every move is quite a unique experience. Toluna actually had a part in all this. Since we were under immense time pressure, we fielded a ‘mini-AA&U’ study using TolunaQuick. It is a perfect tool for quick turnaround research needs like this! In addition to the survey, we conducted a number of qualitative interviews, and looked at a ton of secondary research – all in the first few days of the project.

Robert Herbst
Research Director
The Company of Others

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