Toluna QuickSurveys features a sophisticated online reporting tool that collects data in real-time. Use it to start monitoring and managing results instantly, watch your survey being answered in real-time and collect the data you need to make more informed business decisions.

Market Research

Launch a sophisticated market research survey to the world’s largest qualified set of consumers across 39 countries. Get thousands of high quality responses within hours.

Feedback Surveys

What problems do your customers face? Why are your employees less productive than they could be? Toluna QuickSurveys gives you answers to business-specific questions like these.

Product Development

Use Toluna QuickSurveys to test new concepts or products. Learn what consumers want and need before you invest significant time and money on your next big idea.

Easy To Use

Toluna QuickSurveys is making market research easy and revolutionising the industry. Use it to launch high quality market research surveys in 3 simple steps, analyze data in real-time and make more informed business decisions.

Could this new Yahoo Mail feature be the trick to keeping hackers at bay? 67% think so. 4/2/2015

In January 2014, Yahoo fell victim to a hack that put an estimated 273 million Yahoo Mail users at risk when their user names and … read more

In January 2014, Yahoo fell victim to a hack that put an estimated 273 million Yahoo Mail users at risk when their user names and passwords were stolen from a third party. Over a year later, Yahoo is announcing a new method of accessing Yahoo Mail accounts… without needing to have a password on file.

This new on-demand login feature will send a unique code to the user’s mobile phone each time they access their account, which they’ll be prompted to enter in place of a password. See what they did here? In theory, a hacker would need to have physical protection of your phone in order to access your Yahoo account.

How keen are Yahoo users to this new feature? We asked 1,000 Americans, and here’s what we found…

To you knowledge, has your email account ever been hacked?
72% fortunate respondents say that to their knowledge, their email account has never been hacked, while 16% say they have. Another 12% suspect their email has been hacked at one time or another, but haven’t been able to confirm.

Not having to memorize an email password? That makes me…

yahoo chart

Does this feature mean more protection against hackers?
67% seem to think so, agreeing that this new feature would offer a higher level of protection against hackers.

Give you my cell number to access my email? No thanks!
54% say they’re uncomfortable having to provide their mobile number to Yahoo in order to access their email account.

Is Yahoo trying to be too innovative?
48% agree Yahoo is attempting to be too innovative and this new option is going to leave them more susceptible to hackers.

Will this new feature convert non-Yahoo Mail users?
25% who have an email provider other than Yahoo say this feature makes them more likely to make the switch with their primary email account, while 59% say despite this intended improvement, they’re not likely to switch. (16% are impartial)

To find out more on how Yahoo’s new email system works click on the link below:

*Figures for age, gender, region, race, ethnicity, education, and income were weighted where necessary to bring them into line with their actual proportions in the population by using AskTheNation. AskTheNation takes sample size and panelist information like age, gender, race, ethnicity, education, region and household income into account, and weights the survey sample based on census data to bring them into line with their actual proportions in the population.

Weddings are a multi-billion dollar industry, but how are American couples cutting costs? 3/23/2015

As wedding season approaches, we teamed up with The Budget Savvy Bride to survey 1,000 women in the United States to find out what couples … read more

As wedding season approaches, we teamed up with The Budget Savvy Bride to survey 1,000 women in the United States to find out what couples are really spending, how they’re saving money, what they cut out, who paid the tab – and more! Check out our infographic below for the details.

The Dollars & Cents of Wedding Planning

Customer Testimonials:

The TolunaQuick survey went really well last night – we completed in about half an hour. The pitch team were so mesmerised at how the system works that I had a huddle of them round my desk at 9.30pm last night watching the results come in real-time. I just love it!

Kirsty Higgins
Head of Insight

Quick, cheap, visually impressive and highly credible. An almost addictive way of gaining up-to-the-minute insight or decision support.

Gary Hurry
Director of Marketing
ABN AMRO Commercial Finance PLC

We’re a full service market research firm who are always looking for new and innovative tools. We switched from Survey Monkey to TolunaQuick last year for our customer satisfaction work. It’s a flexible and easy-to-use tool – and what’s more it’s free to use! Love it!

Monika Svobodova
Senior Research Executive
Impact Research

One of the natural artifacts of crowdsourcing creative is that you end up with a bunch of diverse content. Although this is a good problem to have, it can make decision making more difficult than traditional production methods. Poptent's testing product is a way to gain consumer insight into video creative to support creative and distribution decisions. We use QuickSurveys and the AskToluna panel to get our clients insights that matter quickly and cost-effectively.

Chris Vasquez
Product Manager


I’m such a big advocate of Toluna that I think some people are beginning to suspect that I’m on their payroll. That’s not the case and my obsession with their service stems entirely from my love of their product, TolunaQuick.

Kelvin Newman
Creative Director
Site Visibility

Agency business is always fast moving, but developing an entire campaign strategy in one week with camera crews filming your every move is quite a unique experience. Toluna actually had a part in all this. Since we were under immense time pressure, we fielded a ‘mini-AA&U’ study using TolunaQuick. It is a perfect tool for quick turnaround research needs like this! In addition to the survey, we conducted a number of qualitative interviews, and looked at a ton of secondary research – all in the first few days of the project.

Robert Herbst
Research Director
The Company of Others


Real Time Reporting

Advanced Analytics powered by TolunaAnalyticsTM

QuickSurveys puts the power of advanced analytics at your fingertips with the option to upgrade your reporting to TolunaAnalytics. Our sophisticated, yet easy-to-use data reporting tool is optimized to be performance savvy for the novice and expert analyst alike — and your first upgrade is free.

TolunaAnalytics Features

Upgrading to TolunaAnalytics gives you immediate access to these survey analysis tools:

  • Create custom cross-tabulations and data tables
  • Conduct all levels of significance testing
  • Create custom weights
  • Create sub-populations
  • Customize confidence intervals
  • Create filtered reports for collaboration
  • Import and export in SPSS format
  • Share your findings with others and manage their permissions
  • Prepare personalized PowerPoint presentations with the click of a button
  • Results populate in real time without having to refresh the page
  • Data is encrypted and password-protected
  • View results in time slices and waves

For questions about using TolunaAnalytics, please visit the Help section, or contact our support team at

Standard Reporting Features 

Powerful reporting also comes standard for all QuickSurveys users, making it easy to analyze and segment your online survey results into actionable insights. Our standard reporting tool features:

  • Receive results in real time without refreshing the report page
  • Export reports including any tabulations, filters and charts you want to display into XLS or PPT format
  • Export raw data files for a deeper look into results and remove outliers or specific target segments
  • Cross-tabulate your results by demographic questions for a detailed breakdown of how different segments of respondents answer specific questions
  • Weight your data in real time with our proprietary 'Ask the Nation' algorithm
  • Share reports with colleagues, clients, customers or friends in real-time via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Also share a link or post it on your website or blog.

To learn more about our standard reporting tool, visit our Help section.