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Toluna QuickSurveys is reimagining market research by being the only truly free online survey tool on the market. Use it to send surveys to as many people as you want, ask as many questions as you need, and analyze the data with our real-time online reporting tool. It's 100% free.


We put the power of advanced analytics and data visualization at your fingertips with TolunaAnalyticsTM. Our sophisticated, yet easy-to-use data reporting tool is optimized to be performance savvy for the novice and expert analyst alike and your data is always updated in real time.


Share any survey with your social circle! In just a few clicks, you can engage respondents and peers via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, or emebed your survey in your blog or website. Every survey is also mobile optimized, so you can be sure you're able to reach respondents on the go!


Our focus on creating socially relevant and engaging panel communities ensures we communicate with members on a far deeper level than the competition. Tapping into the community can generate 2,000 responses in under 24 hours, as Toluna routinely achieves over 1 million votes per day.


Invite your own respondents 100% free of charge, or tap into the Toluna panel of over 8 million active consumers across 46 markets who are always ready to answer your questions!

No Limits

Most survey tools demand a monthly subscription commitment or limit access to their tools and features. Toluna QuickSurveys doesn't; it gives you full access to all its online survey software features for free.

Have your own contact list? Send unlimited surveys to everyone on it and receive unlimited responses. Unlike most survey companies, Toluna QuickSurveys won't charge you to use our survey tool. It's 100% free.


Over 9 Million Panel Members and Growing!

Toluna QuickSurveys gives you access to our industry-leading consumer panel. With 9 million consumers in 46 countries, the Toluna panel can deliver actionable insights in real-time.

Since 2003, Toluna has built, maintained and nurtured the world's largest, most demographically diverse online market research panel. With our unprecedented focus on creating socially relevant and engaging panel communities, we've developed a far deeper understanding of our panellists than any of our competitors. Toluna QuickSurveys lets you target and segment this rich panel by 11 different demographic types, from age and gender to income and education. With our industry-leading panel and our sophisticated survey tool, we're making market research fast, easy and affordable. To ensure you receive the highest quality of responses, numerous procedures are in place to confirm identities and detect fraudulent survey respondents. Our system automatically recognizes duplicate email addresses and machine fingerprints, and performs Internet protocol checks to ensure respondents are based at the right location. As an additional safeguard, we compare panelist information against our own list of individuals excluded from our community. Our company operations are governed by documented processes, including those for project management, survey programming, quality control, sampling and panel management, as well as those ensuring the confidentiality and security of information provided by clients, panelists, and other proprietary records. These processes are continuously reviewed and updated. Our focus on creating socially relevant and engaging panel communities ensures we communicate with members on a far deeper level than the competition. Tapping into the community can generate 2,000 responses in under 24 hours, as Toluna routinely achieves over 1 million votes per day.


Real-Time Data

Toluna QuickSurveys provides you with the fastest way to obtain quality consumer insights, measure progress and gain crucial insights into your business — all through your desktop or mobile device.

Reports populate within your dashboard in real time, automatically and without the need to refresh your browser. You can then download and export completed survey data to Excel, PowerPoint or extract raw data files. You can even weight data with our proprietary 'Ask the Nation' algorithm.



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Customers testimonials

Robert Herbst Research Director The Company of Others

Agency business is always fast moving, but developing an entire campaign strategy in one week with camera crews filming your every move is quite a unique experience. Toluna actually had a part in all this. Since we were under immense time pressure, we fielded a ‘mini-AA&U’ study using Toluna QuickSurveys. It is a perfect tool for quick turnaround research needs like this! In addition to the survey, we conducted a number of qualitative interviews, and looked at a ton of secondary research – all in the first few days of the project.

Gary Hurry Director of Marketing ABN AMRO Commercial Finance PLC

We use Toluna QuickSurveys mainly to provide data for fast turnaround PR stories which, to date, have generated significant coverage in the UK press. We find the service easy to use and good value for money.